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The Robstar

2019 was pretty neat. I'm pretty sure I had a mental breakdown, but I smile and salute this year with the middle finger.
Dec 15 2019 07:07 AM
  • Mister Sympa's Photo
    Mister Sympa
    100% fuck '19. Bring on better things with 2020, plz.
    Dec 16 2019 11:49 AM
  • The Robstar's Photo
    The Robstar
    Wasn't by any means the worst, but I'm glad it's over.
    Dec 17 2019 03:29 AM
  • Aayla Secura's Photo
    Aayla Secura
    Life is just going way too fast for me. I don't care what year it is. It still seems like it should be 2005 or some year around then. Not 2020. That just sounds so weird and futuristic.
    Dec 18 2019 10:18 PM